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                                       Department of Electrical Engineering - University of South Florida


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Research Projects:

We are currently focusing on several projects. Our main (NSF-funded) efforts focus on the investigation of macro-molecular interfaces using multi-step electrospray thin film deposition in vacuum in combination with photoemission spectroscopic characterization, and the design and construction of an electrospray injection based in-vacuum patterning system for macro-molecular materials. We are also exploring the underlying mechanisms of the electrospray deposition process in vaccum and under ambient pressure, with the goal to better understand the interplay between solution characteristics, electrospray injection and thin film quality. Some of the technologies for electrospray deposition and patterning in vacuum developed at the Surface Science Lab are now commercially available. Please, visit www.elionsystems.com for more information. Work function measurements on a variety of materials surfaces are another focus of our activites.

Further projects include the development of novel ways to fabricate sandwich immunoassays, and the development of advanced sample preparation techniques for matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS). The investigation of ferroelectrical materials such as LiNbO3 is another focus of our research. No further details can be given here about these research projects due to currently pending patent applications and non-disclosure agreements with industrial sponsors.