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Elion Systems, inc.: www.elionsystems.com. Elion was founded by Dr. Mark Anthony to commercialize the electrospray deposition technology developed in our lab.

University of South Florida: Electrical Engineering, Nanotechnology Research & Education Center (NREC), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Libraries

National Science Foundation (our main funding source)
Specs Scientific (our main equipment supplier)
National Institute of Standard Databases

Surface science links:

American Vacuum Society, UK Surface Analysis Forum, LaSurface (XPS database and more)

Physics links:

American Institute of Physics, Institute of Physics, Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (Germany), European Physical Society

Other scientific links:

Materials Research Society, European Materials Society, National Institute for Standards and Technology, Foresight Institute, NextGenLog (technology blog), advanced nanotechnology (blog),

Non-Nerd Links:

Cooking for Engineers (check out the beer can turkey recipe!)

How to make German quark (~curd=strained sour milk)

Dr. Schlaf's excursions into vintage stereos

Some Cool Bands/Artists (Parental Advisory required for some of these people...;-) that Dr. Schlaf likes:

Art Brut, Hot Chip, Air, Ms. John Soda, Louis XIV, Ladytron,
Kraftwerk, Faust, Mylo, Pink Floyd(only with Syd Barrett!!),
Medeski, Martin & Wood, The Juan McLean, LCD Soundsystem, Laurie Anderson,
King Crimson, J. Boogie, Gary Numan, Four Tet, Cursor Miner,
Daft Punk, Can, Bollock Brothers, AC/DC (of course only with Bon Scott)
Bonobo, Chris Joss, Thievery Corporation, Kruder&Dorfmeister