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Recreational Activities in Tampa and Vicinity:

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USF Waterfront (40 min from USF campus; klick here for more information): Students can check out sailboats for free!

See pictures of our 2008 and 2009 group sails on the 'Wanderer'

Canoeing on the Hillsborough river (canoes can be rented at the USF Riverfront Park, about 2 miles from USF campus):

St. Petersburg Beach (45 min drive from USF campus; excellent for long walks and swimming):

(Hotel with water bikes)

Flatwoods Park (11 miles paved trail; 15 min drive from USF campus; great for biking or rollerblading):

(Water stop on the trail...January can get quite hot...;-)

Howard Park in Tarpon Springs (30 min drive from USF campus; nice public beach; steady winds for surfing):