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                                       Department of Electrical Engineering - University of South Florida


Last Modified Aug 2013
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Research Experience for Undergraduates:

Our group has an extensive record of undergraduate involvement in our research efforts. During his tenure at USF, Dr. Schlaf has advised more than 20 undergraduates in his lab. Several of these undergraduates have moved on to become graduate students in his group. Dr. Schlaf initiated the USF College of Engineering Research for Undergraduates program in 2001 and currently serves as the Director of Undergraduate Research at the College of Engineering at USF. Dr. Schlaf is also currently serving as the REU Coordinator for the Electrical Engineering Department.

A significant part of the undergraduate involvement in Dr. Schlaf's group is funded through NSF REU Supplements, awarded in conjunction with Dr. Schlaf's NSF grants. Undergraduates typically start out working on simple projects under supervision by senior lab members. Over time the projects become more complex as the students' expertise grows, until the students carry out their own projects. Several undergraduates from our group have already published papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals.

Undergraduates interested in participating should get in touch with Dr. Schlaf to arrrange an interview. Please, send a short email to Dr. Schlaf stating your research interests, and attach a current resume as word or PDF file.