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Baden-Wurttemberg Scholarships for Short Visits at the University of Applied Sciences in Ravensburg-Weingarten, Germany:

The University of Applied Sciences in Ravensburg-Weingarten (URW), Germany (location: click here), invites applications by USF Engineering/Physics students for 2010/2011 Baden-Wurttemberg Scholarships. These scholarships fund short-term stays (5 months) for exceptionally qualified students at URW. The scholarships can be used for thesis reseach at URW, as well as for taking courses. URW offers a number of courses in English, i.e. no knowledge of German is required to get started (although German language courses are offered at URW, and it is recommended to participate). For details, please, download the call for applications (PDF) here. The document also contains a listing of English-taught courses, as well as a list of thesis research projects available in 2009.